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Luxury Yoga Retreat:   Marrakesh, Morocco
to May 4

Luxury Yoga Retreat: Marrakesh, Morocco

A luxury yoga retreat in Marrakesh, Morocco. This is a once-in-a-lifetime boutique travel experience combined with a deeper spiritual perspective in the mystical, magical land of Marrakesh Morocco.  You'll be able to experience the luxurious and exotic world of Marrakesh while learning about the historically unique culture, indulging in a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, going to the spectacular Atlas Mountains, dining in stunning restaurants, rejuvenating in the famous Moroccan Spas, going on camel rides and mule treks, seeing beautiful Arabian horses and much more.

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Move + Manifest Retreat: Marrakesh, Morocco
to Sep 29

Move + Manifest Retreat: Marrakesh, Morocco

This retreat is part of our GIVE BACK initiative, where we will donate at least 10% of profits to a humanitarian partner in the community where each retreat is held. Our partner in Marrakesh is PROJECT SOAR who works with underprivileged communities and young women to empower with design, clean-up projects, and creative ventures.

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