Why Intention Setting?

Setting intentions begins the process of creation.  Intentions are seeds planted in your subconscious mind that, with patience and aligned action, allow your heartfelt dreams to come into being.  When you deliberately send out new energy towards a desire in the form of an intention, you give clarity, power and speed to that which you want to create.  By projecting a changed experience into your future, you leave your current experience behind.  Leading an intentional life means that you embody and integrate your purpose into your life.  When you clarify your heartfelt intentions, whether it’s at the beginning of a new year, a new day, or before a creative project, you re-invigorate your co-creative powers and confidence to consciously create the joyful life you desire… and deserve!

 “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~Carl Jung

Competing Intentions
Your life is shaped through intention, consciously or unconsciously.  Without directing your focus through conscious intention, you are creating your life through the unconscious beliefs that exist in the subconscious mind, or “competing intentions”.  These beliefs about life originate from your childhood and your parents, past traumatic events, teachers, and other cultural influences.  In the co-creative process, it’s important to identify what beliefs you hold onto that are contradicting the intentions you’re setting for yourself.  They may be blocking your ability to manifest what you want.  Setting intentions can be very powerful but you must do the work that uncovers the resistance to allowing your dreams to manifest.  Being compassionate and kind with yourself through the process is paramount, and even seeking some assistance can be very valuable. 

The Flow of Co-Creation    
Vision comes from inspiration from your higher self.  You access your higher self through stillness, the space where you connect with Divinity.  You then create heartfelt intention statements from your vision.  And when setting goals and taking action steps in alignment with your intentions, you are engaging your co-creative power and calling forward your destiny.  When you set an intention and then let go of expectation, you declare your will to the universe, and unleash your creative power, thereby calling in providence and inspired action to assist you.

 Suggestions for Intention Setting Process
The soul desires experience, not attainment.  If your intention is for attainment, then it’s a goal.  Intentions move away from this kind of linear thinking and enter into the realm of authentic desire.  When creating your intentions, ask yourself, how do I want to feel?  For example, instead of stating ‘I intend to have a relationship’, a more powerful statement is ‘I intend to experience intimacy, romance, and deep connection’.

 Begin with qualities and adjectives you want to experience in your life.  Create your intentions from these heartfelt desires and then be open to the universe showing you the way to seeing them come to fruition. One day you may find yourself in a situation more interesting and delightful than anything you ever imagined.

 Researchers studying happiness have found that the ego-based achievements people crave—money, social status, possessions—don’t reliably lead to an experience of wellbeing. In contrast, learning to find joy in the present moment increases life satisfaction, improves health, and allows us to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

 Tips on formulating Intention Statements:

  • At the end of the process, try to have 5-10 solid intentions. Having fewer intentions that are clear and strong (meaningful) is better than having many weaker intentions.

  • Always use the present tense.  “I intend to…” or “My intention is…”

  • Be careful discerning between intentions and goals.  Goals are more action-oriented and are focused on a specific outcome. They’re based in “doing”, whereas intentions are based in “being”.  Intentions come from the heart and reflect the feelings you want to experience.  You can then align your goals and actions with these intentions to create the desired outcome.  E.g. “I will exercise 5 times per week” vs. “My intention is to experience radiant health and well-being”.

  • When you brainstorm, think about what your motivation is when you land on an intention.  Is it motivated by a heartfelt desire, service, health, or personal growth?  Or is it motivated by vanity, greed, or a need to feel special?  Intentions hold little power unless there’s an authentic reason to achieve it.

  • Focus on what brings you joy and what you feel the most passionate about creating.  Listen to your heart and to what it truly wants!!  Use words that trigger feeling and emotion. Your subconscious responds more rapidly to feeling and emotion.  It is essential to use words that create these responses within your subconscious.  One of the most powerful feelings is excitement.  Put as much excitement as you can into your intention statements.

  • If your intention is something you feel you “should” want to create, then ask yourself if it’s a true, heartfelt desire or is coming from a place of shame.  You’re laying the energetic foundation for the year, and intentions paved with loving, compassionate, and joyful energy will be the most long-lasting and effective.  Stay positive when setting intentions!!

  • Include intentions in the four areas of being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Ask yourself if there is one area of your life that needs attention or nurturing.  Try to create intentions that address all levels of your being.

  • Consider having both internal and external intentions.  You can set intentions to cultivate specific internal qualities like trust, confidence, authentic self-expression, etc. (see the list below) And you can set intentions to manifest in the outer world i.e. My intention is to enjoy life and experience adventure through more travel.

  • Read your intentions often, aloud, and feel the energy they ride on.  Imagine they are already true and trust that the universe is doing it’s part to support you.

Examples of Intention Statements:

I intend to foster deep and loving relationships with my family and friends.
I intend to reach a new level of health, fitness, and overall wellbeing.
I intend to expand in love, abundance, and success and inspire others to do the same.
I intend to experience fulfillment through acts of service.
My intention is to foster new relationships with like-minded people who influence my life in a positive way.
My intention is to achieve a deeper connection with Divine Source.
My intention is to experience joy and freedom through my travels, my work, and my relationships.
My intention is to develop and present powerful workshops that help transform people’s lives.
I intend to choose to set clear boundaries, honoring my Universal Truth.
I intend to remain humble and open to learning, growing and expanding.
I intend to live authentically in the present, allowing myself to experience each moment of Joy.
I intend to create my life, filling it with Abundance, Light and Joy.
I intend to listen to my Inner Voice.
I intend to communicate my needs and desires clearly and gently.
I intend to feel valued for who I am.

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